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Mommy's Genius PreSchool Program (Ages 4years 9 months-5.5 yr)

12 weeks per session most affordable quality preschool program - $75 per week!

10 AM - 1PM - Monday to Friday

Our mission is to provide high-quality, but affordable toddler & preschool program to young children ages 4yrs 9 mos.-5.5 years old.
Our curriculum is based on the philosophies of some of the greatest child development pioneers; Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky’s, in that children learn through play.

We also incorporate Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences  and apply them into our 9 subject- enriched areas in the classroom.  

Here at Mommy’s Genius, we provide a safe environment, where children have the opportunity to explore, and become independent.  In addition, we run a program that is a combination of children and teacher initiated activities, which are the main infrastructure of our program.  
Our teachers will prepare your child for kindergarten academics, as they will learn the alphabet, phonics and numbers.  They will be introduced to new songs and enhance gross motor skills through music and movement activities.   Throughout the year, children will also develop fine motor-skills in order to write and cognitive skills used to solve problems.